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Swimming Pools

A swimming pool provides the ultimate leisure experience, and is the ultimate statement of luxury. In addition to being very aesthetically pleasing, the proper use of swimming pools can also provide a large number of health benefits, such as better cardiovascular health, muscle strength and maintaining a healthy weight. It can also be a great place to have fun and socialise!
We specialize in providing exceptional design, construction and maintenance services for swimming pools and water features. With our decades of local experience, you can rest assured that your poolscape works are in the best hands.


Fountains and water features

There are few things that can add personality to any space like fountains. They provide a calm, serene and beautiful backdrop to any outdoor or indoor space, and bring the best out of their environment.

We specialize in providing our clients the best in design and construction options for fountains. From design to maintenance, we assure you that our range of options will leave you spoilt for choice.


MEP Engineering

MEP systems are a building’s central nervous system. They make buildings comfortable and pleasant and pleasant, and incorporate the latest innovative technologies that make lives better.

Our team has decades of experience in the design and execution of various MEP systems, including HVAC, power supply, lighting, Water supply, drainage, ELV systems, and many more.



The interiors industry has experienced a revolution in recent times, owing to the rapid pace at which new technologies, construction methods and design philosophies have been introduced.

We specialize in creating healthy, functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces from conceptual development through to execution of the design.


Sauna and steam rooms

The word 'Sauna' is the only Finnish word to be used in the English language, and for good reason. Our Finnish Saunas are the best way to experience the wonderful benefits these gorgeous rooms provide.

Saunas are more than just a beautiful, luxurious addition to your home. The many health benefits of Saunas include the weight loss, cleansing of the skin and reduction of stress. Like Saunas, Steam rooms also provide a range of health benefits. Our steam rooms are fitted with Finnish equipment, and the option of building a customised design means you are able to make it a lot more personal.


Industrial design and build

Industrial plants are some of the most complex structures, and are responsible for the manufacturing almost every product on the market today, including food products.

Our partner companies have decades of experience in the design and execution of various industrial projects, with particular specialization in the food and beverage sector.




Architectural Design

From concept to completion, we are able to turn your vision into a 3D concept and comprehensive blueprint for construction. We provide you with the latest innovations in pool building technology to help you conceptualize your vision of your modern poolscape.


Our design team will work with you to ensure your preferences are adopted throughout the design process in order to create your unique pool, and will advice you on the most cost effective, energy efficient, reliable and aesthetically pleasing options available.


Structural Works

The structure of the pool is the backbone of any pool construction, as it consists of a strong shell onto which the rest of the pool is built. The structure of our pools consists of shotcrete pumped on steel reinforcement, which remains the most durable and flexible method of pool construction today, and is how all of the major pool projects in the region have been built.


Our team is vastly experienced in all activities involved in the construction of a concrete pool shell. We also have our own equipment for shotcrete pumping, including a shotcrete pumps and compressors.

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MEP Works

Electromechanical installations for pool equipment require a sound knowledge of the specifications of the selected equipment, installation procedures, selection of the right piping and wiring accessories, considerations of constraints for the purpose of future maintenance and many other technical considerations being taken into account.


Our team has the experience of completing a large number of electromechanical installation projects for swimming pools and other facilities throughout the region, so you can rest assured that the works will be up to the high standards you will expect.

MEP Design 02.png

MEP Design

We specialize in the conceptualization of the most efficient and cost-effective MEP design for any swimming pool, fountain or water feature. We maintain close links with world class equipment manufacturers to remain up to speed with the latest technological trends. Our team has decades of experience in designing and building some of the most prestigious pools and water features in the region.


Our design comes complete with a bill of quantities, calculation for selection of equipment, installation layout at the pool and pump room, installation details for equipment including electrical and piping works and schematic drawings, all done in accordance with local and international standards, recommendations from manufacturers and our inputs from decades of industry experience.

Finishing works.jpg

Finishing Works

We see pool and deck finishes as being the most critical aspect of building a poolscape, as it the finish that provides the pool and its surrounding areas with the look and feel that is desired from any pool project. The process consists of plastering the pool shell to the right dimensions, application of the right waterproofing materials and fixing of tiles and coping stones with the right chemicals and methods.


Our team is vastly experienced in all activities involved in the pool finishing process. We are able to provide a large selection of tiles and stones to choose from for the look and feel you desire.


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